"The true success is that we are now picking at a 99.99% accuracy. We weren't trying to be perfect, but we've by far exceeded that in just the first three weeks of deployment."
Mike Thompson, Regional Manager, Statewide Supply Chain Operations, IU Health

Streamlining all Stages of the Supply Chain

The centerpiece of our solution is our DOCK-to-DOC® enterprise platform. The DOCK-to-DOC software solution unifies key aspects of the hospital supply chain continuum and leverages seamless integration between workflow, inventory status and business intelligence as well as comprehensive enterprise reporting and dashboards. DOCK-to-DOC supports or enables distinct proprietary products within the Solstice portfolio yet can also be integrated with host EMR, other’s point of use devices or business systems. It provides embedded decision support capability and provides 24/7/365 access, anytime, anywhere thus supporting remote or virtual visibility to better support real-time inventory management. Our solutions are easy to deploy and have demonstrated significant savings and revenue enhancement impact to our customers.

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Solstice Medical's real-time business intelligence solution consists of a suite of software and technologies for supply chain and surgical workflow applications. From innovative medical grade RFID tags, to RFID smart inventory cabinets, surgical inventory management to patient and workflow tracking, our solutions are scalable, flexible and integrate to enhance visibility and decision making in a complex healthcare delivery ecosystem.